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5 Museum Dinosaurus Paling Keren di Dunia

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Still remember the movie Jurassic Park in the 90 's? Now You can not only see the grandeur of the dinosaurs in the movie. But also looking directly at the 5 coolest dinosaur museums in the world.

Currently the dinosaur is extinct. However, its existence always invites the curious to many people. A wildlife-themed fiction this ancient animal was made.

But now, to know of its existence, you not only get to see through the glass screen. There are already many dinosaur themed museums in different parts of the world. In it, visitors can see many of these ancient animals frames displayed.

Dilongok from CNN Travel, here's the 5 coolest dinosaur museums in the world:

1. the Museum fuer Naturkunde, Berlin, Germany

Time to Berlin, not just a stopover to the Berlin wall. Try to never stop by the Museum fuer Naturkunde in Berlin's Invalidenstrasse 42. This is a science museum which collect many order of animals.

Most of the order was dug from Tanzania in the 20th century. The most impressive is the 12 meter tall brachiosaurus skeleton. This is the framework that holds the Guinness World Record and dominate the view in the gallery.

Not only that, the Museum fuer Naturkunde archeopteryx fossils also show birds. So, it comes down to it, tourists will also be given to know the relationship between birds and dinosaurs.

2. the Field Museum, Chicago, us

Dinosaur Museum terkeren the second is the Field Museum in Chicago, us. Exhibition museum-themed planet dedicated to development of 4 billion years of evolution of dinosaurs, as in Madagascar and Antarctica.

The main attraction of the museum is already visible from the entrance. You'll find Sue, the world's largest tyrannosaurus. This is a specimen of the museum terkeren.

How does Sue, it comes with the original skull weighing 272 kg, complete with 40 teeth. If the curious with its existence, tourists can come directly to the museum S Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, USA.

3. the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science, Brussels, Belgium

Other cool Dinosaur Museum is the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science in Brussels, Belgium. Just like other museums, it has a giant dinosaur skeleton.

There are about 30 iguanodons, the dinosaurs are classified in 1800 's. it has spike or strange horns on her body. You can see it directly on Rue Vautier 20, Brussels.

4. the National Dinosaur Museum, Canberra, Australia

Australia also has a cool dinosaur museums in the world. Not only studying the antiquity animal, the museum also known as the place to find out the history of Australia.

Located in Gold Creek Road and the Barton Highway, Nicholls, ACT 2912, the National Dinosaur Museum became the largest dinosaur fossil collections in Canberra. In addition to collecting fossils and footprints, the museum also has a garden with statues of dinosaurs.

More fun again, the museum had a tour of hot for young visitors, namely a weekend free tours. You can get the fruit of the heart known dinosaurs, while playing as the excavation of fossils. Fun Stuff!

5. the Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology, Alberta, Canada
In 1500 North Dinosaur Trail, the Canadian Badlands, Royal Tyrell Museum of Palentology became his home for more dinosaur fossils, including 130,000 framework tyrannosaurus.

Not only the tyrannosaurus, the museum also displays models with sharp fangs that Tiger was attacking the mammoth. You will taken to the prehistoric times.

Well, for travelers who are interested in seeing how the paleontologist works, there are labs you can visit. There, visitors can see how the experts identify fossils

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